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Our Home Office

Here in our Northern New Jersey home office we have a assembled team of professionals who take pride in what they do.  Our team is dedicated, thorough, caring and creative.


Our two principals, Richard Esterow and Dave Laemle, combine for over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of products for the promotional and consumer markets.  Richard grew up in his family business, Ideal Metal Manufacturing, and has spent his life manufacturing products used by many large companies (including Bic, Sanford and A.T. Cross just to name a few).  Dave first began working with manufacturers in Asia 20 years ago when he was an executive in the direct mail industry.  Since he became a partner at Davro in 2003, he has taken over the creative and design aspects of the business and oversees our China operations.

We have a strong supporting cast at Davro, almost all of whom have been with us through the years as our business evolved and grew.  We are proud of our record of finidng and keeping good people who allow our company to thrive.

Seeing our products out in the world brings a satisfaction and a sense of pride that would not be possible without our team.


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