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Our Story

DESIGN is in our DNA.

Our story began in 1983 when Davro Products started importing basic stick pens and pen refills from Mexico. It progressed in 1997 when we partnered with two high-quality pen manufacturers in India. And it took off in 2003 once we expanded our business into China with writing instruments and other products. But our real transformation began in 2010 when one of our customers said to us, "We like you...but...you show us the same products as everyone else." And with those words we realized that in order to ensure our future we needed to be different. 


So we began to design our own products. We found ourselves enjoying this new challenge and quickly learned we were good at it. In just six short years we have designed and brought to market over 50 of our own items, resulting in sales of more than 400 million units. Easily available throughout the United States and Canada, our products can also be found in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.


As we introduced more of our own products, clients started asking us to create exclusive designs for them. That's when we opened our first design center in China. Our custom design business kept growing, so three years later we opened our second China design center.  Recognizing the potential of this collaborative effort between Davro Products and our overseas design centers, we developed a specific name for our creative side - this outlet is called Davro Design.


Davro Design is our idea zone. Our avenue for “What if?”, “How about?” and “Can we?” Our ever-evolving design portfolio always contains a wide range of concepts in various stages of development and refinement. And within our two fully staffed design centers in China we have capabilities for CAD design, 3D imaging, animation and 3D prototyping. We have the infrastructure to quickly take good ideas from concept to prototype to production and bring them to life. 


We hold numerous United States Patents for our work.

So here we are today with no shortage of ideas and both our design and manufacturing businesses flourishing.​ At Davro we proudly look at the world in a different – and creative – way.