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Designing the future...this is our mission.

Davro started in 1983 importing stick pens and refills from Mexico.  We gradually branched out to pens from India, and then to pens from China.  Around 15 years ago we started designing and manufacturing our own ideas, first pens...then novelty items...and now we design and manufacture products in several categories including writing instruments, "fun & function," tech accessories, home goods, pet products and more.

Today, more than 40 years after we imported our first pen, we have manufactured and sold over one BILLION items, many of them our own creations. Davro’s products are sold across USA and to more than 20 countries around the world in both the promotional and consumer/retail markets.


Our head office is located in northern New Jersey, but we also have two vertically integrated design centers in China staffed with creative and dedicated designers. Together we form a community of high quality, socially responsible and skilled team members who create, shape and manufacture new product ideas that are innovative and unique.


We have been awarded more than 35 United States design and utility patents for our work (so far) and have more pending. We are full of new ideas, and find both our design and manufacturing businesses flourishing.


At Davro we are still designing the future…in a different and creative way.

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